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Individual style and creativity inspired by the look and texture of natural stone. Tonachino offers a world of possibilities from subtle to feature texture styles like Travertine and Cracked Stone.

Venetian Plaster Tonachino is a traditional Venetian coarse-grain plaster from yesteryear. It has a classic natural mineral look yielding a subdued satiny multi coloured marble effect 194X2070-24KG Venetian Plaster Tonachino. Venetian Plaster Tonachino is the perfect choice to decorate high-hand interiors and is widely used in foyers, hotel reception areas and concert halls. It is an eco-friendly product, obtained from selected marble powders and genuine slaked lime baked in wood-fire kilns and aged for 8-10 months.

Venetian Plaster Tonachino is particularly suited to the preservative restoration of old historical buildings such as churches, palaces or villas, interior; to create surfaces of elevated aesthetic value in all settings whether modern or classic: halls, stairways, bathrooms, living rooms; to add a touch of elegance to the most refined public places such as hotels, restaurants, shops, etc. Venetian Plaster Marmorino Naturale can also be used as a base for Venetian Plaster Marmorino Fine or to create specialist translucent marble effects.

Tonachino Finish

Sizes:  8kg  |  24kg

Line Shade:  194X2070-8KG  |  194X2070-24KG

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Primer Coat Venetian Plaster Quartz Primer
First Coat Venetian Plaster Tonachino
Second Coat Venetian Plaster Tonachino
Finishing Coat Venetian Plaster Cera D’Arte Wax
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